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Product Information

Safe-T-Plex 519 RV Roof Coating

Safe-T-Plex 520 Elastomeric Roof Coating

Safe-T-Prime 522 for EPDM Rubber Roofing

Tape Kote Roof Seam Tape

Safe-T-Plex Deep Pile Rollers

Barrier Pro 521 Vapour Barrier

Barrier Pro 521 Acid Resistant Coating



Low lifecycle cost, highly reflective, energy efficient, and impact resistant. For galvanized steel, rigid foam and aluminum roof surfaces. Click here for flat roof systems.

Steel Roof

  • Offers the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Withstands temperatures as low as -45ºC (-50ºF)
  • Provides 20 to 30 years of low-maintenance, leak-free performance
  • Installs directly to existing substrate in almost all retrofit situations.
  • Improves building energy efficiency through superior reflective properties
  • Provides the highest wind uplift and severe hail resistance in the industry
  • Sustainable through recoating

Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating provides industry-leading protection for roofing, specialty storage and infrastructure applications. With a fast application time, higher tensile strength and improved low-temperature elongation, this coating will stand up to almost anything while remaining cost-effective.

Safe-T-Plex 520 White Elastomeric Roof Coating exceeds the US ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.  Safe-T-Plex reflects 83% of the heat from the sun. When installed properly, Safe-T-Plex White Elastomeric Roof Coating will reduce air conditioning energy costs by as much as 30%, depending upon  geographic location and individual building characteristics. Heat stress on the roof structure is virtually eliminated.

Safe-T-Plex 520 is a single part, acrylic latex, elastomeric roof coating designed for high pressure airless spray, or roller application over  galvanized steel, aluminum and sprayed foam insulation. Safe-T-Plex 520 White Reflective Roof Coating exceeds LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program) and US Energy Star guidelines for reflectivity and emissivity. Safe-T-Plex is made from only the highest quality, 100% acrylic resin.

epdm roofReducing heat build-up on commercial and residential roofing can dramatically affect building operating costs. Findings reported by the Roofing Manufacturers Association conclude that heat build-up can shorten the useful life of rubber, synthetic polymer, and especially asphalt roofing systems.  Cool roof technology utilizing specialized white coatings that reflect the sun’s light before it can be turned into heat significantly reduces temperature. For example, a 95° F day raises black roof top temperature to 170° F, while a white roof would not exceed 120° F —  a temperature drop of over 30%.

Safe-T-Plex is available in reflective white only. The product is made to reflect 83% of heat and uv rays from the sun in order to reduce air conditioning costs and heat stress to the roof structure. To accomplish this, the coating is made with large concentrations of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. To overcome the whitening effects of these ingredients, you would need massive amounts of colorants, so much that it would harm the overall performance of the coating.

Safe-T-Plex is guaranteed not to crack or peel for 10 years if applied according to our directions. It will last 20 years or more.

  • Superior exterior durability and UV resistance
  • High reflectivity reduces cooling costs and roof temperatures
  • Exceeds LEED and US Energy Star guidelines for reflectivity
  • <>Service Temperature Limits from -45ºC (-50ºF) to +52ºC (125ºF)
  • Remains waterproof
  • Remains flexible below freezing
  • Resistant to hail impact
  • Non-flammable
  • Dirt pickup resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to many building substrates
  • Easy application - spray, brush, roller
  • Low toxicity and odor
  • Simple water cleanup
  • 10 year guarantee
Surface temperature must be at least 10º C ( 50º F) before applying this product.  Tighten all screws or replace them with the next largest size if they are spinning.
Remove loose rust, dirt, oily residues with high pressure wash. Rusted steel roofing must be  primed with a good quality rust primer such as our Rustite Direct to Metal Rust Primer. Problem seams and holes can be filled with our Lap Joint Sealer or sealed using our Tape-Kote Roof Seam Tape. (Safe-T-Plex forms a watertight adhesive bond to this tape.)  Apply Tape-Kote Seam Tape around all objects that protrude through the roof (air conditioners, vents, breather pipes, etc.). Contact us or talk to a qualified Safe-T-Plex applicator for more information regarding preparation.

All rusty roof surfaces must be primed using Rustite Metal Primer at least 24  hours prior to applying Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating.
Do not apply Safe-T-Plex if rain, heavy dew, or frost appears imminent during the next 24 hours. Minimum temperature during application and curing must be 10ºC (50ºC).

Safe-T-Plex is ready to use. Do not thin.  Spray: Airless Sprayer  (Graco GH833 or similar) 3000 p.s.i., 2 g.p.m. capacity , #631 tip. Brush: Good quality synthetic bristle brush. Roller: Long nap, Safe-T-Plex roller. Apply 2 coats at 100 sq. ft. per gallon each, allowing approx. 3 hrs. cure time (tack free) between coats. Make sure all tape is well covered with Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating.

Priming with Rustite




1. Apply Brentwood C526 Rinse Primer to the EPDM at a spread rate of 500 square feet/gallon. This may be accomplished with any convenient method including the use of a sprayer or simply pouring and spreading rinseable primer with a brush.

2. Allow C526 Rinse Primer to remain on surface for a minimum of 15 minutes. C526 Rinse Primer can remain on the surface for up to 2 hours.

3. Clean the EPDM rubber membrane with a commercial power washer (between 2000-3500 psi) and water. When cleaning the EPDM, it should be done slowly and close to surface in order to remove mica and inorganic release agents. Failure to use a power washer will result in poor adhesion.

4. Rinse thoroughly with power washer. The rinse step may be done at a faster pace than the cleaning step. The final rinse water should be clear with no soap bubbles present.

5. Allow the EPDM surface to dry before applying the coating. No visible dampness or wet spots should be evident.

6. Repair open seams, cuts and holes using Tape-Kote Roof Seam Tape.

Spray Application of Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating:

High pressure airless sprayers for applying Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coatings:

Graco GMAXII 7900 or Titan PowrTwin 6900 - for roofs up to 3000 sq ft
Graco GH833 - for roofs over 3000 sq ft (or for contractors who are commercially applying Safe-T-Plex.

Settings: 3000 psi., minimum 2 gpm capacity. Spray tip should have a .031 orifice with a 12” - 14” fan width (Graco #631 or similar). 
Hose size up to 200 feet – 1/2” diameter.  Hose size over 200 feet – 3/4 “ diameter

Apply 2 coats Safe-T-Plex @ 100 sq. ft. per gal. each, allowing 3 hrs. between coats. Make sure all tape is well covered with Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating.

Here are the links to the detailed specifications for the above airless sprayers:

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